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Frequently Asked Questions

The chart screens load, and I can see the interpretation, but the chart itself doesn't show up. What is wrong?
This will happen if you do not have have your web browser software (Netscape, MSIE, etc.) set to display images. Most web browsers can be set to display graphic images, or to ignore them. Since the charts are graphical images, your browser software must be set to display them. With Netscape Navigator, enable images by selecting "Auto Load Images" under the "Options" menu. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can enable images in the "Options" which you will find under the "View" menu.
The charts don't seem to be up-to-date. Why is that?
There are a number of reasons why this might be true:
  • The dates on the charts will always be at least one day old. The date on the chart is the market closing date of the information included, which is collected after the close of markets. We can't create charts for the present day until after the markets close.
  • The charts are not updated immediately at the close of markets. They will be updated at some time between closing and 9:00 a.m. C.S.T. of the following market day.
  • The chart you are seeing might be "cached". Some dial-up Internet providers, and most web browsers store images and web pages which have been viewed recently in order that they can be retrieved more quickly. For this reason, it is possible that when you load a chart page, it might not actually be coming from our server, but instead might be an old chart coming from your computer's hard drive, or from your Internet provider's hard drives. Most web browsers (Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer included) have a "reload" or "refresh" button which can force a chart to be loaded directly from our server. For best results, load the chart that seems to be out of date, then hold your "shift" key down while you click the "reload" or "refresh" button located near the top of your web browser window.
Where can I get current market prices?
Right here! TFC Commodity charts provides intra-day quotes for over 1000 contracts. The quotes are updated continuously throughout the trading day, using the minimum delay required by each exchange (as short as 10 minutes delay)
Who is TFC Commodity Charts?
TFC Commodity Charts has been providing commodity charts through various online media since 1995.
I am interested in a commodity that you don't follow in your charts. Can I have it added?
We add new charts to the TFC site from time to time, largely based on suggestions from our visitors. If a number of visitors request that a chart be added, we will add it. If you would like to suggest an addition, please use our suggestion box. One perk that subscribers at our subscription paid site enjoy is the ability to request one particular commodity and have their request implemented immediately (if the information is available to TFC).
What restrictions are there on the use of the TFC Charts?
You are free to use the charts for personal use. You may not duplicate the charts or redistribute them in any form, electronically or otherwise. If you wish to use the charts for any other purpose, please request written permission from TFC. Write us at:
I am looking for a commodities broker. Can you help me?
TFC strives to remain independent and impartial. For this reason we will not recommend a commodity broker. We do, however, maintain a directory of commodity brokers which might provide a valuable reference in your search.
I'm just learning about the commodities market. Where can I find more information?
TFC provides two online resources which newcomers find useful in learning about the commodities market. We provide: a short course introducing the American commodities market; as well as a glossary of terminology which many find to be helpful.
Whatis a "cookie"? Why does your site want to "set a cookie"?
A "cookie" is a small bit of information that our web server sends to your computer when you use many features of our web site. It is used to store your preferences on our site. For example, when you use the "My Menu" feature, your chart selections are saved as a "cookie" so that our server will recognize which charts you had selected for the feature when you use it again. Similarly, cookies are used in the Traders' Forum. to "remember" your alias so that you won't have to type it in over and over again. Although "cookies" are stored on your computer, they cannot damage your computer, nor allow access to any information on your system, except the contents of the cookie itself.
How can I contact TFC Commodity Charts?
To contact TFC Commodity Charts, please use our handy online suggestion box or email us directly at

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