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Subscriber Benefits


Although TFC Commodity Charts does operate a free commodity chart service in addition to this subscription paid site, we believe that many visitors will choose to subscribe to the paid service in order that they can enjoy the following advantages and priviledges:

Access to daily data:
Subscribers can access our "Daily Market Data Window" ... a customizable table of closing market prices and statistics. You can choose to display Open-High-Low_Close-Volume data for all contracts we follow, or choose to display just those contracts in which you are most interested.
Access to historical data:
For every chart in our collection, subscribers have access to the closing market data. This includes all contracts, plus weekly and monthly data. Data is presented in a easy-to-read table, accessed directly from the every chart page.
Special Charts Requests:
Paid subcribers to the TFC Commodity Chart service enjoy the priviledge of being able to request that charts be added for any one particular commodity. We will add the commodity without question to the charts collection, if information regarding the commodity is available to us. We can access information for most commodities. If your subscription is conditional on our carrying a particular commodity, please ask. We will be glad to tell you if the information is available.
My Quotes Listings:
With the "My Quotes" feature of the members site, you can select certain contracts you are interested in watching, and get quotes listed for all of those contracts on a single page! No need to keep navigating between contracts!
My Charts Menu:
Much like the "My Quotes" listing, except it provides convenient access to news, charts, and quotes for certain commodities you have selected. Very convenient!
Access Speed:
The free chart site is supported entirely by sponsorship in the form of banner advertising. This advertising appears at the top of every page viewed, including the commodity chart pages. Unfortunately, loading the banner advertising for every page does take a few extra seconds. Paid subscribers can avoid the slight delay, (and never have to see advertising on their charts pages).

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